About Lori

Hi, my name is Lori and I just wanted to first off, thank you for stopping by my site and visiting. It’s always nice to have people stop by who might be interested in the same things that I am. I suppose I should start by saying that I have a variety of different interests that I hope you can relate to as well as learn from and perhaps even start participating in yourself.

Some of my favorite interests are gardening, nature, a variety of hobbies from creating things from nature that can be used in the home or even given away as gifts. I also love to travel whenever I can because I find it interesting to experience different cultures, people and places. But most of all, I love bees and all that they do for us and our environment.

The reason why bees are of such a great interest to me is that not only do I respect them for who and what they are, I am also an avid beekeeper and I hope that you will enjoy any of my posts that I will be posting here about bees, honey and beekeeping. I hope that this information will not only be interesting but also informative because, I believe that bees are quite often misunderstood and this can be not only dangerous to us but to the entire world’s population of bees.

I hope that my experiences and ideas will help you to better understand the bee and how we all benefit from all the hard work that they do to not only produce delicious tasting honey but to help keep our flowers and crops growing because without them we will usually find it difficult to produce beautiful flowers and the crops that help sustain us.

I also love to just enjoy the world around us by communing with nature whether it’s in my own backyard or if it’s out in the wilderness somewhere. It doesn’t matter, I believe you can find beauty even in a small city garden or small park. You just need to take time out of your busy day and sit among the beauty or take a stroll. I believe that the beauty of nature is all around us whether it’s created by us or by nature itself.

I also enjoy reading a variety of different things from poetry to mystery novels as well as ready about history from all over the world including the study of historical architecture. I enjoy watching a variety of TV shows as well, especially if they are informative shows like history, nature and travel, just to name a few.

I also love to listen to good music ranging anywhere from good old classic rock to the blues. I love any music that makes you feel good or makes you think about the world around you. I find that music can be soothing as well as uplifting and it’s always a good way to relax if I’m in that mode or listen to music that might energize me if I’m in that mode.

In the end, I sincerely hope that out of all the posts that I do, you will find something that will not only peak your interests but will be helpful and informative at the same time. I encourage you to also feel free to leave your comments or questions you might have as well because I’d love to hear from you!